Flight in a Spitfire?

For anyone interested in aviation a flight in a Spitfire has to be at the top of that persons bucket list, however with flights costing from  £2700 for 20 minutes it is not something that everyone's budget can stretch to.

Is there an alternative?

Our clients think there is. A flight in our Mk9 Spitfire simulator is something that is very much more accessible, affordable and not affected by the weather! Have a browse through the feed back comments to see what they think. 

Our Spitfire simulator experiences are suitable for most people but, being an replica of a MK9 cockpit it is a small space and needs reasonably flexible joints to get in and out. Well behaved and controllable children are welcome, but even with an adjustable seat may not be suitable for the shorter ones.

One of the benefits is that friends and family can join you in the Spitfire Suite and share the experience, where they can cheer, hiss and boo. ( covid 19 restrictions apply)

We have various simulated scenarios to suit most pilots with the "white Cliffs" combat experience being the most popular. Have a browse in our shop, where you can buy a flight or a voucher as a gift. You might like to join one of our Spitfire tours to find out about the ACESquadron tribute Spitfires?

Watch the short video below for just a hint of what is in store