Help us build The ACESquadron

To build a new squadron of MK26b Spitfires is a massive challenge, but we have done our best to get as many people involved with this unique vision.

A 100 years ago the RAF came into being, we want to pay tribute to the RAF and the many thousands of civilians that made the Spitfire possible.

Each MK26b Spitfire will be named after a pilot or civilian that represents the Squadrons or the organisations they worked with to create this British Icon.

They are

The RAF High Command, RAF Spitfire Squadrons and allied nations that provided Spitfire squadrons to the RAF

The Spitfire Design Team and Rolls Royce

The test pilots and Spitfire factories

The Air transport Auxiliary 

Our task is massive and we need your help now to make this a reality, so we are resurrecting the Spitfire funds that were so successful during WW2 with a modern twist....

Press the button below to see our sponsor packages or make a donation of your choice....every pound is appreciated.

New Spitfire fund ACESquadron Enstone Flying Club