The ACESquadron Tribute Spitfires 

It took a very special group of people to make the Spitfire into the icon it has become today . We wish to pay tribute to those people by building the ACESquadron. 

Our squadron is made up of two distinct parts: the Constructor group and the Combat Group.

Constructor group Spitfires pay Tribute to :

These four Spitfires above will carry the squadron codes from one of the many young Spitfire pilots who never returned from their first combat sortie.

Combat Group Spitfires pay tribute to:

 Our research teams are tasked with finding every single person who worked or flew with each of these groups and recording them along with the sponsors names onto a scroll that will be placed in a time capsule that will be secured into the Spitfire for the rest of its life.

Rj Mitchell and Sir Henry Royce