MK26B High Lady Kit Spitfire


This is for information only, the V8 is not approved for use in the UK at present


Supermarine Aircraft has spent the last seven years developing the V6 and now the V8, both have been test flown by our CEO, Mike O’Sullivan. We have done thousands of hours in the air and on dyno rigs for fine tuning and testing. The Motec ECU works in Real Time this means that it is reading sensors on the engine to work out timing and air fuel ratio to give peak performance and maximum engine life. This eliminates the pilot's need to lean or enrich the fuel mixture as it is always at its optimal mixture. The ECU also has a pre-programmed map as a redundancy system, similar to that of a left and right magnito. All engines are run in the factory before shipping and data is logged. This also means that we can carry out diagnostics on engines with a laptop computer.

V8 LS2 

  • 1 Central Camshaft
  • Water Cooled
  • Wet Sump
  • Dual Ignition Sensors
  • Fuel Injected
  • Electric Start
  • Dual Fuel Pumps
  • Motec ECU Pre Programmed
  • Mill Spec Wiring
  • All Braided and Fire Sleeve Fuel Lines