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It has to be the most iconic aircraft ever made and undoubtedly one of the most elegantly shaped fighters ever conceived. The Spitfire’s silhouette is etched into the British psyche, I defy anyone not to look skyward when they hear and then see a Spitfire overhead. No other aircraft can do a victory roll quite like the Spitfire, it’s a sight that lifts your very soul.

Even poets wax lyrical about the aircraft.

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,

And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings...

Of sun split clouds-and done a hundred things you have not dreamed of.....

It is unlikely that you will ever meet a pilot who would not pass up the chance to fly a Spitfire, but alas the opportunities are only open to the very wealthy or lucky few......until now

A Spitfire for the many not just the few.

The MK26B is a new mark of Spitfire from Supermarine, using modern technology Mike O’Sullivan (Mk26 designer) has created an aircraft that not only looks, sounds and feels like the earlier marks but flies like one of them too. The difference is in the price tag.

Brand new single seat Spitfire with Merlin V12 Engine £2million

Brand new two seat MK26B Spitfire with GM V6 engine £210K

Still a lot of money for an individual but here is the great news; you can now join a syndicate where you own a 12th share click here for share options

ACESquadron scramble Enstone Flying Club

Each Syndicate member helps build the aircraft from a superbly designed kit

Be part of something Unique

Imagine a 12 ship squadron scramble, something to make your pulse race! Followed by a formation display that only Spitfires can pull off....magic!

Formation flying has to be one of the most demanding forms of flying, we will develop your skills with winter training sorties in readiness for the display season (May to September) this doesn’t mean you will not has access to your Spitfire for your own pleasure. Squadron events will be posted well in advance and they will be events that you will want to take part in.

Take your friends

Being a two seat Spitfire, it offers you a fantastic opportunity to take family and friends for a flight, or just brag about it down the pub.

 Not a pilot yet? Try our Zero to Hero Program

Lapsed licence? Renew your licence in a Spitfire!