MK26B kit Spitfire ACESquadron


With the success of the MK25 and the MK26, the idea was hatched in mid-2004 to produce a 90% Spitfire due to the demand from our customers, who were looking for a comfortable two-seat aircraft with the same performance of our earlier marks! Throughout the designing of the MK26B Spitfire there were considerations to keep the kits simple and the build time down so that the builders could get the aircraft flying in less than a year, but would still be a challenge to build.

The prototype took just over 8 months to complete with all the tooling, CAD drawings and setting up for production. 

The reaction from Mike O'Sullivan, CEO and designer of Supermarine Aircraft, after the first test flight: "I did not think that it was possible to fly a nicer plane than the MK26 . " 

The MK26B is designed to house our V6 or V8 engines without any modifications. It also has under wing radiators as an option which gives it that final touch.

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