660 Flight

Be a part of our challenge to get a flight of three Spitfires under construction to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain 

 3 legendary names paying tribute to the many.

Mitchell & Royce

Dowding & Park

Bob Doe

The Molly Rose our tribute to the Air Transport Auxiliary 

Sealed in a time capsule the 4500 names of all the members will carried aloft on every flight of the MK26B.(more here) Carrying the markings of the ??? squadron LZ-N piloted by Pilot Officer Hugh Reilliey who was shot down and killed in this aircraft near Gravesend he represents one of the many that never made it beyound their first few sorties, he was 22 married and never got to meet his son Chris. ( seen above)

BBC News item 27th October