Jaguar XX764 Openday

This summers Spitfire scramble event at Enstone Airfield will include the opportunity for visitors to get an update on the resident SEPCAT Jaguar XX764 restoration progress.

The Jaguar that arrived at Enstone in late 2017 is undergoing an initially cosmetic restoration with many replacement parts that had been removed by the previous keeper (an aviation parts recovery company) being steadily sourced and refitted.

Visitors will have the chance to inspect progress in the cockpit as well as catching up on the ongoing plans for the aircraft.

The SEPCAT Jaguar was an Anglo-French collaboration project conceived in the late 60's with aircraft delivered in the early 70's. Initially designed as a fast jet trainer the aircraft's role evolved into that of close air support, tactical reconnaissance and tactical nuclear strike. RAF Jaguars were retired from active service in 2007 but the type remains in service with the Indian Air Force.