Work in progress.....

We are in the final stages of our Spitfire Mk9 Simulator experience, from the outset we wanted to create a truly memorable experience. The cockpit is a full scale replica of a Spitfire Mk9 with authentic controls. The wrap around screen gives an almost 220 degree view and with Dolby 5.1 surround sound compliments the immersive experience.

Cockpit and controls during construction

landing gear selectors and view of control column 

Side view of cockpit showing bulk heads and seat

Longerons fitted 

Infinity corners of projection screen

First of many coats of paint

Getting there

Cables for sound system just hanging about!
Projector and calibration markers 
 Windows screen set up
Calibration screen and camera to aid line up 
Organic life-form trying to be helpful?
Cockpit instrument panel screen