ACESquadron Spitfire Simulator at Enstone Flying Club EGTN Enstone Airfield.

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Paul Project leader

Has your valentine always wanted to fly a Spitfire?

Our team has created a truly memorable experience for the individual or something you can share and its as close as you can get to flying a real Spitfire. 

The cockpit section is a full-scale replica of a Spitfire Mk9 with authentic controls and a seat feedback system. The 14m x 1.8m wrap around screen gives an almost a 220 degree view and with Dolby 5.1 surround sound compliments the immersive experience. With our flight controller to show you the ropes, our take off and land program gives you the full experience of flying. Our combat capability tests your skills against fighters and bombers, combine the two for total emersion! Fly-in or drive to Enstone Flying Club for a truly memorable experience that is not affected by the weather and is COVID-19 approved 

We are Covid compliant

Keeping you, yours and all of us safe.